How to make money online with Google AdSense

How to make money online with Google AdSense
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How to make money online with AdSense

How to Make money online with AdSense may seem a bit difficult because you think you have a website that receives a lot of traffic, which is not the case, in this short article I'll show you a great way to make money with AdSense.

How to earn money for online The method is simply based on the creation of mini sites, mostly easy to classify by keywords, not much competition!

How to make money online Search by keywords

You'll need to find a good low-competition keyword, something that contains at least 3 words and even less than 3000 monthly searches with exact matches, you'll also need to make sure that the top 3 ranking sites have less than 100 backlinks in total!

How to make money online with Google AdSense

after choosing the main keyword, select 3 other keywords related to the term, long-tailed keywords and write an article for each of these 3 keywords

How to make money online.

after which you choose a domain for the main keyword you choose, better to be an exact match, if you didn't find an exact match goal for your main keyword with the dash domain or something like or

How to make money online with Google AdSense

Creating a wordpress site wordpress is the best CMS to work with, it's easy to install and almost all web hosts have an automatic wordpress installer, there are plenty of plug-ins you can use to customize your wordpress site and make it even more powerful The best plugin to install on your blog: 

How to make money online SEO

SEO package all in one Google XML Sitemap WP Super Cache Another recommended thing to do is change the permalinks, this will make your blog URL friendly to search engines. Publication of content Now you have to publish your articles you've written before, the minimum number of articles per mini site should be at least 3, make sure that when you publish those articles that keyword density is sufficient, you don't want to put your keyword anywhere in your items assured only that it is natural. 

How to make money online with Google .

Installing AdSense blocks Putting up AdSense blogs is not something you should do carelessly, you have to make sure that your AdSense blocks are visible and natural, you have to combine them with your content and not interfere with them! The best advice is to use the blocks of the sidebar, 160 * 600, also the incontent blocks of (300 * 250) that you should insert in your articles, also make sure that the color of the links in the adsense blocks is equal to the color of your links of pages also do not use colored backgrounds, always use the white background color without borders. Build backlinks Now you have to create backlinks for your website, point to at least 100 backlinks per site, if you can do more then do it, I suggest you join the unique wizard for creating backlinks as it is a great service if you have many websites not just one.

How to make money online with Google AdSense

How to make money online

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