How to make money in

How to make money in

How to make money in 

Make money in Fiverr is a freelance website that allows you to sell your talents and makes it possible to earn on their unique abilities and skills. For example, here it is possible to receive money as a text writer, SEO guru, artist-designer, website creator, model, Russian language teacher, and also find remote work in many other areas. This article describes the steps that will help you start earning money on Fiverr without any investments.

Best tips to get started remotely on Fiverr
Where to begin

Initially, you should decide what will be the goods. You can start with relatively fast tasks at a low price.
Fiverr Advantage

The advantage of Fiverr is that the result is delivered remotely as a file and the customer can be anywhere in the world - just like the seller.

Additional benefits:

Payment is in US dollars, so you can get more for services than on Russian-language freelance sites.
When moving abroad for permanent residence, this source of income will remain with you.
Really earn more than in your main place of work. Experienced high-ranking Fiverr users receive up to several thousand dollars a month, putting up for sale complex packages worth 50-100 dollars each, which take them only 2-3 hours to complete.

-Unique item

Ideally, it is advisable to come up with something unique - thus, competition will be minimal. However, even the most common skills can bring income, as the number of buyers on Fiverr is significantly higher than sellers.
Successful sellers offer several diverse services. Look at what others are selling - you will surely find something that you can do:


write a comment on a site or article;
Russian language lessons for those who wish;
sing a song in a 30 second home video;
write a musical composition lasting 15-20 seconds;

-draw a picture or portrait;

Your photo with a piece of paper on which the name of the brand or company is written on the background of Red Square or the picturesque cathedral in your city (Western people like the views of Orthodox churches) or in a national costume at home;
there is also a category for “unusual” offers where you can place anything!
How to make money in

You will be surprised, but there are people who are ready to pay for such work - for them this is a great opportunity to get unique content or an image with minimal cost. You even have a chance to become famous on the Internet, if your photo or video gains popularity, like Lane Walker, who became known as “overly attached girlfriend” (too attached girlfriend).

Lane Walker became famous as an “overly attached girlfriend”.

-Minimum price for the service

The minimum price for a Fiverr service is $ 5 (1 gig). For your work, you can ask for a few "gigs", but for the minimum price, something must also be offered. For speed or additional volume, ask for an additional payment.

-Register for Fiverr

Registering for Fiverr is straightforward. This will require an email, Google account, or Facebook profile.
Account setup

How to make money in

Next, you need to set up your Fiverr account. The owner uploads his own photo and talks a little about himself, work experience and education. The text should be written briefly and succinctly, the photo should show you in a professional manner. Thus, potential customers will be interested in and the likelihood of cooperation increases. A beautiful personal photo can increase the attractiveness of the service for customers - it is well known that nice people inspire confidence.

-Checking Ideas

How to make money in

The product should be checked. Before starting work, it is recommended to make sure that the idea makes sense. It is advisable to look for similar products on the site and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. A product that has 250-500 reviews and at least 5-10 orders in work is in demand. On such an idea, you can earn a good amount of money - up to several thousand dollars a month.

-Product design

After choosing a service, it needs to be formalized and presented in the catalog. Looking at similar products will be very helpful. When viewing, perhaps inspiration will come. Do not copy descriptions of other people's products word for word, but you can and should borrow ideas at the initial stage - your own will appear later.

-Product Creation

To create a product, you need to click on the “Start sale” button under the profile. The name is given 80 characters. Clear and concise definitions sell faster. Remember that customers search for artists through a search that finds matching sentences for keywords in the title and description.
If you are not a designer, put any picture to begin with, and later you can order an image from a professional. The picture should be unique: it’s easier to make the original photo on the phone’s camera, then your copyrights are yours. Vivid pictures will attract more clicks in the search results. Many authors put their own photo, this makes their proposal individual, increases customer confidence.

-Product description

After specifying the name and loading the picture of the “product”, you need to add its description. At this point, you need to check the formatting options so that the text is easy to read. All key points in the text should be highlighted.

How to make money in

The description indicates the service offered itself and, possibly, the related services that you offer for an additional fee. For example, 1 gig (5 dollars) for translating 1000 words, 2 gig (10 dollars) for 2000 words and so on. Or, for a minimum price, you deliver the result within 10 days, and for an additional 5 dollars - in 2 days.
The descriptions are in English, therefore, if your grammar leaves much to be desired, let it be subtracted by a person who knows the language perfectly. Grammar and stylistic mistakes will alienate potential customers.

-Video clip

It is also recommended to download the video. Suggestions with clips are located higher in the results stream. The video should describe the service you provide. The mess in the background can spoil the video and seriously affect sales, so take care of the beautiful background.
How to make money in
The roller should not be long, 15-30 seconds - the ideal duration. The video can be done either on the phone’s camera, or as a slide show from a photo with names. Make it easier, then edit.

-Product Promotion

Sales growth can be achieved by promoting your product through social networks. You can also respond to “offers” on the Fiverr website itself, where potential customers write what they need to do, and the performers offer their services. You can send a “custom offer” (individual order) to the buyer by discussing in advance what will be done, the timing and price.

-Customer focus

It is important to be customer oriented. So, for regular customers you can make discounts or develop a system of bonuses. Thus, consumers will be satisfied and will definitely return.

How to make money in

Although initial sales will be inexpensive and single, in a few weeks you will gain enough feedback and increase the rating, so more customers will order these works from you. When you download the result, ask buyers to leave a review if they liked your work. Most customers do not mind helping a pleasant seller, and especially a nice girl!

In general, as with any other type of How to make money in, it is important to start. Later it will be clearer what needs to be finalized and improved.

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