How to make money online Instagram in 2020

How to make money online Instagram in 2020

How to make money online Instagram in 2020

Instagram has quickly become one of the most powerful social media networks, registering over 400 million accounts last year. A huge number, which sets in motion a true industry based on a simple idea: sharing photos between community members.

It is no wonder, therefore, that big brands are trying to make money from Instagram, by allocating important resources in their promotion strategies on this social network. And if they make money, who says you can't do it?

With a little patience, with a little time allotted, with tenacity and intelligence, you will get to the position where you can enjoy the fruits of a job that should be done now . Because the principle of "beating the iron as it is hot" applies perfectly to Instagram, a donut that has already grown enormously, with the risk that it might soon explode.

How to make money on Instagram in 2020?

We will not take a course here, but we will offer you some suggestions, paving the way for you to study everything in more detail. Especially since things (and network algorithms) can change from day to day.

How to make money online Instagram in 2020

How to make money online from Instagram in 2020 !

1 Create a community

The first thing you need to keep in mind is to create a community, so you should think about what to do to form the group you need.
You need to build a strong, targeted Instagram account that will be followed by real people. Choose your theme / domain. Then, it is essential to include in the biography the right information, such as the contact address, the nature of the account, possibly the web address (if any), plus a few hashtags that define your activity. Think about the essence of your brand and add it briefly in the description in the biography.

How to make money online from Instagram

Account growth requires a certain amount of time and a decent number of very good posts. It's not enough to post twice a week, but you need to set a daily posting routine, and then see what time is best for your posts to generate engagement. Do not post all content at once, in other words, do not shoot bullet after bullet, but put up to two photos per day, at completely different times.
Make sure your pictures are of exceptional quality. Allocate time for this, don't post photos at random. Process your photos through smartphone applications or even Photoshop. Find the best filters (in case you want to use them). Do everything to get the perfect picture, because if you are mediocre you will not succeed.
Do not look at the accounts with tens of thousands of followers but with bad pictures: those are a lie, the followers are gathered through meaningless automation and many of them are fake.

A good idea is to compare your profile with that of similar instagrammers, who have a large number of followers. What is the secret of their success? How to make money online instagram Observe their evolution. For example, in some cases, the consistency in posting photos that have the same color palette is the winning recipe. But not only.

How to make money online Instagram in 2020

Pay close attention to hashtags, which are extremely important, and which are a key to growth on Instagram. Study them, see which are the best hashtags compatible with your community and your target. Don't bombard your audience with dozens (you can put up to 30, in fact) of hashtags in the photo description. Put them in the first comment and keep the description for relevant, interesting and not very long texts.
For Instagram you have to spend time permanently. It's not enough just to post and wait to grow through hashtags, on the principle of "let the money come to me". They have made those romantic times of Instagram. Now you have to be there, give likes, follow to be followed, leave comments to receive comments. And unfortunately, that's not sometimes enough either. But it's essential.

There are a lot of automation tools that can do these things for you. But here is a separate discussion, with pluses and minuses, which we will not open now. If you find the best of them, using intelligent algorithms, bringing you targeted growth, with real people, and monitoring them through objective input generating quality content, you may draw the winning lot.
After you create an important community around your account, you will probably wonder where the money comes from.

2 Affiliate programs

How to make money online Instagram

This is a simple and effective marketing technique, where you can promote products or services and get commission for every sale you make, using a URL generated by the affiliate program. Instagram allows you to post beautiful images and highlight your products, generating sales through affiliate URLs.
Do a little research on the internet: you will find many companies you can work with, such as Shareasale (but also from Romania: 2performant or Profitshare). You have a lot of resources, with many of them you can start partnerships.

How to make money online Instagram in 2020

3 Sponsored posts

It is very easy for users with large numbers of followers to make money by creating content sponsored by various companies. What this means?
Sponsored content highlights a particular product of the respective company. A post like this is usually attached to a description with hashtags and mentions related to that product. Many companies are associated with influencers who can promote their image, generating higher sales and profits. It is important, however, to partner with companies and brands that have a direct connection to the nature of your Instagram account and that fit the image you have been working to build. Because, for example, if you have a gastronomy account, you probably won't want to post photos of industrial robots.

How to make money online Instagram in 2020

4 Sell your pictures

It's obvious: Instagram is based on success in sharing photos. If you are a professional photographer, you can use this space to advertise your own creations and to sell them. If you choose this path, make sure you do not wake up with photos taken by others: put watermarks to protect your creations.
It may seem strange that in an era of millions of photos circulating, someone will pay to buy this product, but companies, agencies, etc. choose the right path, buying photos to use later. There are many sites that you can put your creations on, and then you will earn from selling them. It takes time and patience. And many perfect pictures.

5 Promote your own business

Instagram is a great way to promote your business: any marketing strategy should include this social network, as more and more people are present here. For example, we know that in 2018, 35% of Americans had an Instagram account. Do you have any products that could be sold overseas? Put them on Instagram!
The sale of products can be done by posting excellent quality photos with them. Good angles, new hypotheses, interesting explanations - here's how you can attract the attention of potential buyers.
6 Place special offers
Instagram is the place where infographics and other marketing elements can be put to help you grow your business. Think about how someone can be rewarded with an offer they can't find anywhere else.
Instagram gives you the opportunity to promote your business by placing offers that some people find very interesting. Lead your customers towards them and be creative. If you have a large audience, you will generate consistent sales.

7 Sell your account

It may sound weird, but this is a way to earn on Instagram, as long as you've managed to grow an account to a decent number of real followers. And this is because there are people (or companies) who prefer to buy a ready-made account, and will continue to do business with it how to make money online Instagram (Instagram allows you to change the account's name). It is important to have an organic, active audience, and a very good engagement. All these things can be checked in advance by the buyers.

How to make money online Instagram in 2020

Therefore ... yes! You can grow Instagram accounts, How to make money online intagram on various niches, to sell them later. There is a market for this, and the prices, you will be surprised !, go up to tens of thousands of dollars.

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